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June 02, 2023


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Causes of Pain

The most asked question is:

How did this happen? I haven't done anything significant to cause this and I haven't been in any major car accidents.

My answer is LIFE. Life happens to us.

As we move through our day, many insignificant things can and do happen. Minor fender benders can be a major contributor, as well as lifting improperly, child birth, skiing falls, missing a curb or stair, slipping on ice, that high school football tackle, bicycle accidents, broken legs, ankles, feet, even toes; and many other countless bumps and stumbles.

Without even realizing it, many of these minor happening can accumulate in our muscle tissue and bone structure (which is held in place by the muscle). As it accumulates, we can feel sore and achy. The younger we are when the original imbalance happens, the less likely we are to feel it in the bod, but the imbalance remains. As additional incidences happen they accumulate, which increases our imbalances. This accumulation is felt in the muscle tissue as an ache or pain, and is ignored by most until it becomes a nuisance or intolerable. When it gets to the point of being intolerable, we seek extreme measures. If dealt with in the early stages, it can be a matter of simply rebalancing the muscle structure.

Seeking the help of a "muscle alignment specialist" is vital to realign the body and avoid the dreaded pain in your later years.

Boise Pain Therapy is your "Muscle Alignment Specialist". Call today before your pain becomes embedded in your body!